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P-19 301020C

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Pull rod
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Product parameter

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Product advantage

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The cylinder is made of thick precision steel tube. It has high bearing pressure and is difficult to deform



Made of high quality steel, wrought, with High hardness, strength, impact resistance



The overall surface painting treatment can be effective Rust prevention and corrosion protection to improve the life of products

Sci-tech creates the future

Production strength

 Based on the high quality equipment, advanced technology and talent people,our company are focusing on making new type, high quality products.

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Packing number: 12 sets / carton
Gross / net weight: 17/16kgs (case)
Outer case size: 47x37x58.5cm
Packing: color



P-19 301020C

Features: fixing body components (front and rear sides, skirts, tail lips) improves the sophistication of the body components and prevents the components from falling off abnormally. Can also be installed in the car, console or interior trim panels and other places, play a special decorative role.

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